Social Responsibility
Social responsibility

Yunhong Group donated 4 million yuan of materials to the provincial Red Cross Society

In July 2016, Yunhong Group to the province red The Cross donated $4 million in supplies (total Count 20 mobile smart greenhouses), with To help Ezhou, Wuxue and other places flood Post-disaster reconstruction


Yunhong Group donated 200,000 yuan to Tianjia Town precision poverty alleviation charity supermarket

In March 2019, Yunhong Group donated 200,000 yuan to Tianjia Town Precision poverty alleviation Charity Supermarket


Yunhong Group cares for the elderly

In April 2019, Yunhong Group donated money and materials to Wuhan Social Welfare Institute to help and promote the establishment of a good old ageUniversity, support welfare home activities

Yunhong Group signed a poverty alleviation contract with Nanzhang County

In April 2019, Yunhong Group signed a contract with Nanzhang County government.Contracts for the purchase and sale of high-quality agricultural products for targeted poverty alleviation totaled 300 million yuan, and poverty alleviation materials such as 90,000 yuan of medicines and 60,000 yuan of grain and oil were donated


Yunhong Group helps 10 villages

In October 2019, Yunhong Group reached a donation agreement with Hubei Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation to donate 10 million yuan in cash will be used to make up for weaknesses in 10 villages

Yunhong Group helps Sichuan Disabled Welfare Foundation

In 2019, Yunhong Group has donated the first batch of 5 million yuan to Sichuan Disability Welfare Foundation. Set up Yunhong Disability Fund and plan to donate a total of 50 million yuan within 5 years


Yunhong Group is helping Hubei fight the epidemic

At the beginning of 2020, at the early stage of the new coronavirus outbreak, Yunhong Group donated RMB 10 million to the Hubei Red Cross Society to Hubei Province Community health institutions and hospitals donated a value of 2.$02.4 billion of Xidekang immunization capsules, and continue to donate $100 million worth of Xidekang immunization Capsules are used in medical and health units in Wuxue City, Hubei Province。Donations of supplies and cash totaled 3.12.4 billion yuan, all used to support Hubei province and Wuhan city fights COVID-19。In the process of fighting the epidemic, Yunhong Group also urgently purchased 3 million yuan of the most scarce alcohol, masks, Protective clothing and other types of protection and disinfection materials, and quickly sent these scarce supplies to the most urgently needed first-line hospitals and relevant rescue departments in Wuhan

Dongfeng Logistics, a subsidiary of Yunhong Group, supports the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital

In January 2020, 17 staff members of Dongfeng Logistics Company, a subsidiary of Yunhong Group, drove 15 logistics vehicles to the construction site in an emergency, 24 hours a day, Non-stop participation in transportation tasks to ensure the timely delivery of construction materials needed for Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital was highly valued by the epidemic prevention and control headquarters Pay tribute to


Yunhong Group donated to Wuxue City

In March 2020, Yunhong Group, the first batch of resumed production enterprises in Wuhan, donated the first batch of Xidikang immune capsules to Wuxue in Hubei Province The municipal health Bureau, to help patients improve immunity, the act of dedication of love by Hubei Satellite TV interview reported


Yunhong Group helps fight the epidemic in Burkina Faso

In April 2020, Yunhung Group donated to Burkina Faso a total value of up to 3.2.2 billion west Fart in cash and epidemic prevention supplies。Which contains a value of up to 1.22 亿 Medical and epidemic prevention drugs, epidemic prevention materials of Western France, as well as cash checks of 200 million Western France


Yunhong Group helped Shulan City fight the epidemic

In May 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic in Shulan City, Jilin Province, Yunhong Group Chairman Li Yubao immediately donated 2 million yuan in cash to fight the epidemic in his hometown. In addition, employees were urgently organized to prepare 1000 boxes of small molecule peptide drinks, 50 boxes of Xidikang immune capsules and 4 boxes of safety goggles To Shulan City, thousands of miles to help


1 million "care packages" to support overseas merchants fighting the epidemic

In June 2020, jointly organized by the Hubei Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) and the Hubei Federation of Chu Businessmen, the "world Chu businessmen are one family, heart and hand linked resistance. In the "Epidemic" themed activity, Yunhong Group donated 1 million "love bags" worth of epidemic prevention to overseas Chu businessmen to support overseas Chu businessmen in fighting the epidemic。

Yunhong Group donated Wuxue City "two help two help" poverty alleviation fund 1 million yuan

In June 2020, Yunhong Group donated 1 million yuan of "Two Help Two Help" poverty alleviation fund to Hubei Wuxue Charity Association


Yunhong Group donated 2 million yuan to Wuxue City Charity Society

In July 2020, Yunhong Group donated 2 million yuan to Hubei Wuxue Charity Association. Li Yubao, chairman of the Board of Directors of the group, personally led the staff to the front line to transport goods Resources, with practical actions to help flood relief


Yunhong Group donated 5 million yuan to Wuxue City's "Education Poverty Alleviation Fund"

In August 2020, Yunhong Group donated "Teaching" to Hubei Wuxue Education Development Foundation Poverty alleviation fund "5 million yuan


Yunhong Group helps space science education activities

In December 2020, Hubei Yunhong Group and Wuhan Second Experimental Primary School jointly carried out space science education activities, landing a Bell 407 helicopter from the Group from Tianhe Airport to the school, so that students can have an in-depth understanding of China's space industry and help space science education activities


Yunhong Group is helping Hebei fight the epidemic

In January 2021, Yunhong Group stepped in to help Hebei fight the epidemic and donated 1 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic materials to Shijiazhuang, Hebei


Yunhong Group established "Yunhong Public Restaurant" 

In March 2021, Yunhong Group's "Yunhong Public Welfare Restaurant" was officially launched in Jiefang Avenue, Jiangan District, Wuhan. The restaurant mainly serves the elderly, the sick and the disabled, especially It provides free lunch and dinner for subsistence allowances, soldiers, sanitation workers, needy families, lonely elderly people and other special groups


Yunhong Group helps Wuxue City poverty alleviation program

In May 2021, Li Yubao, Chairman of the Board of Yunhong Group, signed a long-term donation agreement with Wuxue Education Development Foundation。In October, the group was established The "Li Yubao Education Fund" has donated another 2 million yuan to help the development of Wuxue education


Yunhong Group donated 500,000 yuan to Zhaojue County Liangshan Public Welfare Promotion Association

In July 2021, Yunhong Group donated 500,000 yuan to Liangshan Public Welfare Promotion Association of Zhaojue County for basic trading projects for children in mountainous areas

Yunhong helps Henan fight floods

In July 2021, Henan suffered a rare and sustained extreme rainstorm, resulting in serious rainfall in many places In order to help Henan to fight floods, Yunhong Group donated 2 million yuan to the Henan Red Cross Society Gold and more than 4 million yuan materials


Yunhong Group helped the provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce to revitalize rural villages to fight against the epidemic

In August 2021, Yunhong Group donated disposable medical masks to Dping Village to fight the epidemic in the Rural revitalization resident village of Hubei Federation of Industry and Commerce 30000 pieces, 84 disinfectant 500 pounds, medical hand wash gel 30 boxes, medical alcohol 25,000 ml, 165 boxes of mineral water

Yunhong Group to help Suizhou flood relief

In August 2021, in order to help Suizhou flood relief, Yunhong Group came to Suizhou's aid and actively sent flood relief materials


Yunhong Group rushed to help Jilin fight the epidemic

In March 2022, in order to help Jilin fight against the epidemic, Yunhong Group continued to donate a total of 10 million anti-epidemic materials to Jilin Province, including 70 million Ten thousand pounds of rice and 6,000 Bing Dwen Dwen


Yunhong Group came to Shanghai's aid to fight the epidemic

In April 2022, Yunhong Group donated 100,000 jin (50 tons) of Yunhong peptide rice to Baoshan, Shanghai, to provide strength for protecting people's living needsHelp in any way I can

Guozhong Xinghe donated 200,000 yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation

In April 2022, Guozhong Xinghe, a subsidiary of Yunhong Group, donated 200,000 yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation for the "Sunshine on the Road" project

Anti-epidemic zone
Work together to fight the epidemic and defend Shanghai

Work together to fight the epidemic and defend Shanghai