Corporate Culture
Corporate culture
Corporate values

Awe consciousness

Reverence for life, reverence for nature, reverence for truth。To be an enterprise with sustainable development, industrial development adheres to sustainable development, enterprise development adheres to the awe of The Times, goes forward with the trend, and walks with The Times。Adhere to the corporate social responsibility and mission, promote positive energy, and highlight corporate values in action。


Take employees, customers and the masses as the base, respect the value of people, and share the development results with them。Care and treat employees well, explore their potential, and encourage employees to shine in their posts;Focus on understanding customers, safeguard customer interests, reflect customer value;Pay attention to the people's livelihood, maintain market stability, and build a harmonious market environment。

Be virtuous all over the world

Adhere to the good moral character necessary for the long-term development of the enterprise, in the operation to be honest and law-abiding, loyal and patriotic, fair and just, abide by the contract, seek truth from facts, down-to-earth, and actively give play to the advantages of the enterprise to contribute to the good development of the social economy。

Win-win cooperation

Cultivate the overall consciousness of resource sharing, maintain collective honor, and win competitive advantage by gathering strength。In the cooperation relationship, adhere to the idea of win-win cooperation, focus on long-term development, gather partners, mutual benefit and win-win, maintain friendly relations with partners, and work together to create the future。

Mission and Vision

Enterprise mission

Leading the industry pioneer, committed to a better life for all mankind

For the client: To reflect customer purchase value with scientific and technological wisdom + innovative services;

For employees: To create a solid career development platform and broad development space for employees;

As a shareholder: To create trillions of market value, for the shareholders of the capital continued appreciation, to achieve the long-term interests of shareholders;

For societyCreate greater social value and become a responsible enterprise that is needed by the country, recognized by the society and serves the people。

Corporate vision: Guided by national policies and strategic layouts,Constantly seize opportunities, advance layout,With a forward-looking thinking layout, a broader international vision, and a deeper strategic vision,We will actively participate in a new development pattern in which the domestic cycle is the mainstay and the domestic and international cycles reinforce each other,Continuously improve the brand influence, comprehensive strength and brand image。Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises with outstanding achievements, and ultimately build Yunhong Group into a pioneer in the industry, a benchmark enterprise in the new era of practicing green development and fulfilling social responsibility, and a well-known enterprise with influence in the international market。

Business philosophy

Green development Circular development low-carbon development

Enterprise spirit

The exploration spirit of independent innovation

With independent innovation as the core, we constantly adhere to the exploration of technological innovation, model innovation and system innovation, and lead the high-quality development of enterprises with innovation。

Do not forget the original spirit of persistence

Always adhere to the original intention of the enterprise, strengthen the spirit of artisans, adhere to green circular development, deliver health and beauty for users, and constantly pursue excellence。

The spirit of unremitting self-improvement

To forge ahead, the spirit of hard work to maintain the vitality of enterprise development, to maintain the sense of competition, the pursuit of excellence and development, to dream as the horse, forging a new era。

The spirit of love and devotion

With sincerity and dedication, we actively undertake social responsibilities, create value for the society, and help achieve common prosperity

Social responsibility

The sense of responsibility is the foundation of the development process of the enterprise, the fertile soil for the growth of competitiveness, and the moist nectar of the innovation and development of the enterprise。Always adhere to the feelings of great love, lead the development of the industry with the image of a large enterprise that dares to take responsibility, and give full play to the advantages of the enterprise, assume social responsibilities from the four aspects of creating employment, practicing public welfare, rural revitalization, caring for employees, and green development, and continue to create value for the society。

Job creation  Yunhong Group has a total of 150,000 employees at home and abroad, including 16,000 executives and researchers, and 65% college students. With the continuous expansion of the company's scale, it makes substantial efforts to attract talents and promote social employment every year。

Practice public welfare  With a heart of home and country, we strive for public welfare, combine enterprise development with public welfare actions, and constantly innovate public welfare forms to help more people in need, spread positive energy for the society, and help the harmonious and stable development of society。

Rural revitalization Give full play to the group's industrial advantages and help the rise of local economy。In terms of rural revitalization, we not only pay attention to helping farmers increase their income and get rich, the agricultural industry develops more prosperous, but also pay more attention to the beautiful construction of the rural environment, and achieve a double harvest of economic and environmental benefits。

Care for employees  Adhere to the "people-oriented" corporate values, through the system of professional care, family care, festival care, living subsidies and other employee care system, to relieve employees' worries and seek well-being, so that every employee can feel the warmth of home。

Green development  We attach great importance to the protection of the natural environment, actively develop green environmental protection and ecological sustainable industries, start from our own industrial advantages, and invest in the cause of the national "double carbon" strategic goal, and make substantial contributions to the cause of environmental protection。